Haymon Scholarship Fund

A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation


The Haymon Scholarship Fund established March of 1998.

The motivation behind starting HSF was out of concern for the youth at the church we attended. We noticed we hadn't seen most of the high school graduates go onto graduate from a college or university. We pondered if it was a lack of encouragement; no personal motivation; or premature parenthood. Our beginning was to encourage the youth to excel, and help support students with no dependents entering into a university, college, or vocational program.  We now focus on the entire community from high school senior to senior citizen. 

Tuition assistance for college bound students that include airfare assistance, college application cost, textbook purchases, transportation cost and any other miscellaneous college expense.  Senior Citizen sharing through caring programs administrative assistance, incorporating healthy eating & creative outlets.

Haymon Scholarship Fund exists to encourage, motivate, support and empower.
Our goal is to encourage our community from high school graduation, college life, through senior citizen living.



Senior Sharing.

One-on-one workshops.

Thank you to all who have helped Haymon Scholarship Fund assist where a little assistance was needed.
Melanie, Alesia & Sheryl Haymon are still here for our community!!!

"It's Your Life We're Just Here to Assist You With It"

Haymon Scholarship Fund

1998 Founding Board Members

Melanie, Alesia, Sheryl Haymon